Trail Rules

Rules of the Huntingdon & Broad Top (H&BT) Trail

1. Use of the trail is at your own risk.

2.  Please respect the trail, other users and all animals.

3.  Announce your presence when coming up behind and/or passing others, such  as   “Coming up behind you” and “Passing on the left.”

4. Walk, jog, bike and ride to the right, allowing room for others to pass on your left.

5. Bikers should yield to walkers.

6. Pets must be on a leash and out of reach of other users. Pet owners, please remove droppings from the trail.

7. Trail users should be careful to not frighten pets.

8. Weapons*, dangerous toys and toys that look like weapons are banned from trail property.   (*Exception: hunters, during hunting season, may traverse trail, however, no discharging of firearms permitted from the trail.)

9. The trail is closed 1/2 hour after sunset until 1/2 hour before sunrise.

10. No vending or camping on the trail right-of-way.

11. No open fires! Smokers extinguish butts and carry out.

12. No motorized vehicles, except those on official trail business and power wheelchairs that transport the handicapped.

13. No horses or farm animals permitted on the trail.

14. For safety reasons, young children should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

15. Practice safety at all times. Anyone with health issues should consider traveling with a   companion.

16. Broad Top Township supervisors reserves the right to ask anyone acting  irresponsibly to leave trail property.

17. Be courteous. Leave no trace of your visit – except for a donation. Your contribution to help with trail maintenance is greatly appreciated. We invite  you to send a donation or join the Rails to Trails of Bedford County, INC.

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